my favorite move is harry potter. I olso love the books. I highly recomend watching it. I love harry potter it is awsome. do you know that harry potter was so popular that you could by candy that is involved in the move.
    Once there was a little boy named Randof. Randof was a smart and funny 9 year old. Randof liked to play video games and chop down trees because his dad was a lumber-jack. One day he saw a dog. He decided he would bring it home. The next day he was hunting and he met a ferocious bear. Randof said to his dog "Uh-oh! Boy, go get help."  Finally, two hours later his dog comes back with an animal control team. The team used horns to drive it away and they never saw it again.
    Another day Randof and his dog Aloha were helping Randof's dad carry very heavy logs to his shack. Randof and Aloha were very strong.  Randof and his dad put the logs in the shack to save for three days. Then they took them to a new place where a new house was going to be crafted.  Next they start crafting a house and the people who were buying it came by and gave them a few delicious, dark chocolate cubes to say thank you for building the house. That made Randof and his dad feel warm inside. Finally they finished crafting and the people paid them and the other peoples son became friends with Randof.

I went on a hike through the redwoods yesterday. Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world. Sequoias are the biggest. Redwoods grow near the coast. Sequoias live in a elevation of 5000 feet above sea level. Redwoods are 367.8 feet high. Redwoods weigh 1.6 million pounds. Redwoods can live to be 2000 years old.
Friday was my birthday. I got a gun , 3 lego sets,2gams, and 50 dollors.
nouns writers,homes,walls.verbs says,go,reach.ADJ old,large,shining.Proper noune Long beach California.
This summer me and Grant are going to a horse back camp. Grant will meet my friend Max. Hopefully we will go to a swimming pool and possibly we will both get a sleepover.
I have a blak and gray sirt. It is realy soft. My shirt is rely stilish.
this is fake                                       max                                           903 sega blv.            sushi wa
I like sush in a restront. It is fun to bild legos on a table. I have lots of legos in my ofis. I love jumps in tran parks.